We help extraordinary women with hypothyroidism or under active thyroid symptoms regain their energy, ditch the brain fog, and feel amazing in their body again. 


From the outside looking in, you've got it all goin on.

Now it's time for you to feel just as great.

Functional Nutrition For Women Dealing With Thyroid Issues

Tired of hearing your doctors say "your labs are in range" and how you feel is "normal for your age"?

Well that's not us.

Well hello you! 

Let the world see you in your very best light

What Our Clients Say

- Marisha M. 

"Working with Veronica and Dan helped me realize that no matter what stage of life I am in I could still lose weight and feel so much better. "

"Veronica and Dan are literally changing lives. My life. My family's life. I'm so happy!"

- Patricia C.

your Self- expression is our obsession

I'm Daniel Perry, Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.  Like so many others, I dealt for years with a slew of digestive issues that no one could resolve, doctors reported everything was normal and yet I continued to feel horrible. 

After ditching the corporate career and focusing on Nutrition Science and Holistic Health, I graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association and never looked back. I have extensive training addressing fatigue, thyroid problems, digestive issues, and metabolic diseases like Diabetes.

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I'm Veronica Yanez, Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner.  As a former Candy Technologist I put my body through the ringer when it came to stress, inflammation, a terrible diet and sugar overload. And all of that happened after "managing" a decade of undiagnosed Hashimotos symptoms.  No one ever prepared me for my breaking point, but I was extremely lucky to discover functional nutrition because it changed my life. 

Vitality Rising came about after Dan and I became so frustrated with the lack of real health support to feel better, let alone resolve our health issues. It became our mission to break the cycle of misinformation and lack of education on how to care for our bodies. Instead we provide support to prevent chronic disease, regardless of family history, with hopes to change the lives of our clients and their families. 

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Vitality Rising is based in philadelphia, PA

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