When Did You Last Clean Out Your Fridge?

Let’s take the focus off food for a second and look at where our food is kept.


Have you cleaned out your refrigerator recently? ??Take it from me, once you do it, you’ll never forget to do it again! As foods breakdown over time (as they SHOULD), it can lead to quite a build-up of nasty stuff hiding in the crevices. Do yourself a favor and do a complete clean out a few times a year.  Maybe make it a new year’s habit?  BONUS! In the end you’ll feel like you got a new fridge out of the deal ??????? And while you have everything removed, take that opportunity to upgrade your condiments. Throw away the stuff that’s old and expired. If you don’t see an expiration date on it, then definitely turn it over and look at the ingredients. Does it look like a science experiment where you have no idea what the ingredients are? Throw it out! You don’t have to feel bad enjoying your favorite condiments but realize that most mainstream options are nothing more than dumping grounds for lab grown ingredients that wreak havoc on your body by being endocrine disruptors.  It’ll do your body good to restock with plenty of live foods and quality condiments that have an actual shelf life. Sure, you’ll have to clean out your fridge more often, but your body will thank you.


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