Functional Nutrition & Energetic Therapy

Lose The Weight. Naturally Balance Hormones. Feel Amazing.
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The Slim From Within Solution™

Lose the Weight. Naturally Balance Hormones. Love What You Eat.

So how does it work?  Glad you asked!

A simple 3 step formula:

✦ Remove the stressors that can cause inflammation in your body.

✦ Utilize testing and assessments to pinpoint your personal needs, then target hormonal and nutritional imbalances to optimize your body system functions.

✦ Reset your metabolism to lose the weight and support your body for repair down to the cellular level.

No counting calories or tracking points! Ever.

This is nutrition therapy.

Remove your need for dieting along with the confusion of what to eat while discovering how to make practical changes for a lifetime of sustained weight management and enhanced vitality.

But nutrition therapy isn’t the only strategy at work during this process…

The Triune of Wellbeing

Think of your total being as three sides of a triangle: your body, mind, and spirit. And I don’t mean spirit in a religious sense, but what makes you, well… YOU. Your vital force.

When there is distortion in any one angle, it will affect them all. Only addressing the physical angle is not enough.

So aside from addressing the physical needs through nutrition therapy, energetic balancing techniques are used to remove distortion across all three angles.


Energetic Therapy

Ok, so what’s this all about?

Simply put, all matter is composed of molecules moving at different rates of vibration and frequencies. This includes the human body – ie: you!

Every cell of your body has a specific optimal vibratory rate. When this normal rate is maintained, the body exhibits good health.

But throughout your life, distortions in those vibratory rates caused by physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual stresses build up like layers of an onion and leads to breakdown in the body.

In order to resolve this, those discordant vibratory rates must be modified back to normal to peel off the layers.

This helps bring balance to all three angles making up your triune of wellbeing.

So what does all that mean for you? Lose the weight, promote hormonal balance, and feel your energetic best!

Are you ready?

You’re always one decision away from a whole new life…

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Meet The Team

Veronica Yanez

Veronica Yanez, FNTP

Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

Daniel Perry

Daniel Perry, FNTP

Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner


“I am so happy I decided to work with you! I appreciate how understanding you were of my situation, you gave me the support that I really needed. My weight has stayed off, and on top of that, my digestive problems have gotten so much better. It’s like I’m seeing things through a whole new lens now.  You’ve given me a renewed spark and I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do.”

Marie P.

“Loved this! I learned so much that I didn’t know. It has changed the way I eat and even think about food. Veronica was excellent! She went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend her to others. It was a great experience.”

Diane T.

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